VISI Reverse

VISI Reverse is a high level software solution at an affordable price for 3D reverse engineering, 3D geometry reconstruction, topography, medical applications and many other disciplines. The 3D point cloud used to construct the 3D model can come from any measurement system or technology including 3D scanners, digitizer, CMM, laser point, laser trackers, laser plane (laser triangulation), time-of-flight laser (lasergrammetry), photogrammetry or stereophotogrammetry.

Using VISI Reverse it is possible to enter millions of points without limitation and create a meshed model in a very short time frame. VISI Reverse implements new technologies such as mesh refinement and automatic edge detection to provide high quality 3D geometry reconstruction and accurate meshed models even with poor quality point cloud input.

VISI Reverse is the latest solution in this market with a focus to provide the fastest and most accurate tool for points, meshes and simultaneous geometry management. It combines the powerful versatility of point cloud management with the speed of automatic curve and surface creation, providing a complete solution for free-form designers, product engineers, modellers, prototype specialists and inspection analysts. The models generated from VISI Reverse can be used directly for rapid prototyping, tool path generation, animation, simulation, finite element analysis, control and inspection, sectioning and many other downstream processes.